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Is colton from the bachelorette dating

Colton Underwood reveals he lied to 'Bachelor' producers after Hannah was left off a date

First, he was caught between Bachelorette Becca and one of her BFFs from Arie's season, Tia, whom he had dated prior to appearing on the show.

Now, Colton and Tia are reunited in Paradise just weeks after he had sworn up and down that he was into Becca. Sparks are already flying between the two, but their relationship has already angered some of their fellow cast members, and previews for the rest of the season seem to indicate that everything might not run smoothy for Colton and Tia.

is colton dating anyone after 'bachelor in paradise'? he has a good reason to stay single

So is Colton dating anyone after Bachelor in Paradiseor has he left another Bachelor Nation experience heartbroken? Even though Colton and Tia's date on last week's episode of Paradise went well, it wouldn't be entirely surprising if he went home alone.

'bachelor' star colton underwood talks future plans with cassie randolph

For one thing, it seems that even though Tia and Colton have a history togetherTia might be more open to finding love with someone else than she initially thought. Though she seemed upset that she received the first date card before Colton arrived, Tia ultimately picked Chris for a romantic dinner date that seemed to go really well.

In a preview for the rest of the seasonit seems like the love triangle brewing between Colton, Chris, and Tia will cause some serious drama. Maybe after all of this drama, Tia picks Chris over Colton.

Is Colton Underwood a virgin? Bachelorette contestant reveals big secret to BeccaColton Underwood is one of six men still competing on ABC's The BacheloretteWARNING: The Bachelorette Season 14 spoilers belowLong before he appeared on The Bachelorette, Colton dated United States.

If she does end up with Chris, Colton might not be sticking around much longer. Tension was already brewing among the other cast members in Paradise, who felt like it was unfair that Tia and Colton seemed to have joined the show only to reconnect with each other.

After all, the whole purpose of Paradise, as BiP alum Evan Bass reminds usis to be open to finding a connection with anyone, and not to come in with an expectation that you're going to end up with one person in particular. If the other women on the show sense that Colton is only there for Tia, he might have a hard time receiving a rose from someone else if she ditches him in favor of Chris.

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In an interview with Us Weekly, Colton revealed that he would love the chance to star in his own fairytale. I know what it did for me as a person and how it helped me grow into the man I am today.

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So presumably Colton knows whether he's single or not, and yet he's still hinting at being open to becoming the next Bachelor? Something tells me that Colton and Tia's relationship might not be as solid as some people might believe, and they might not still be together after Paradise. Or maybe Colton is dating someone else?

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I don't know, my head hurts. No matter what the outcome of their relationship is, you can always count on these star-crossed Bachelor Nation lovers to create some great dramatic television.

bachelor colton underwood 'couldn't be happier' with cassie randolph, will propose 'one day'

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