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Drake dating history live

Why There's A 99 Percent Chance Drake Won't Bring A Date To The Grammys

Have We Noticed That Every Time Drake Dates a Woman He's Not Really Dating Her?

According to more than a few fans on Twitter, Drake could be referencing Rihanna on Scorpion in not one, not two, but three different songs. It's hard to figure out where to begin untangling this whole thing, because there is a lot of chatter on Twitter about Drake's supposed Rihanna references.

every girl drake's ever mentioned in a song ever

Drake has yet to confirm or deny any of these fan theories, though, so for now they'll have to remain just that: theories. Some fans are swearing up and down that the actual order of the three maybe four songs in question reveals a bigger-picture progression about Drake and Rih's relationship. Other fans are more convinced of a single song's subject matterand more fans yet just don't know what to think about all this Rihanna talk.

Since "Summer Games" is the first song in the series, though, let's start there. In a nutshell, the lyrics to "Summer Games" tell a story about a tumultuous summer-time romance.

have we noticed that every time drake dates a woman he's not really dating her?

The duo had released the steamy music video for "Work" in February of that year, and danced very closely through several live performances of the single for the next several months. Their chemistry looked legit, and in Julya source told People that they were definitely dating. In August, Drake bought a congratulatory billboard for Rihanna ahead of her receiving the MTV Video Vanguard Award, and Rih later posted a pic of the billboard on Instagram with the caption, "when he extra!!!

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Was Rihanna playing games with Drake that summer and it inspired "Summer Games"? All we know for sure about that particular time period is that Rihanna eventually called the Vanguard moment with Drake "uncomfortable," according to an interview with Vogue in June The next track on Scorpion is "Jaded," and many fans think it's a major Rihanna diss. The song is definitely putting someone on blast, no question about that, and the lyrics to "Jaded" appear to imply that Drake feels like he was jerked around and led on by whoever that someone is.

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Drake's definitely alluded to Rihanna doing this to him before, like with the lyrics to "Fireworks" in I was like, wow, this feels terrible. You can read the lyrics for "Nice For What" here, and draw your own conclusions. It's certainly not nearly as seemingly specific as the other three tracks, though.

Drake and Rihanna: A History of Their Relationship: drake dating history live

OK, so, last but not least, "Finesse. Fans have specifically pointed to a few lyrics that they believe are directed towards Rihanna, including, "I want my baby to have your eyes," and "Should I do New York?

The second line is the one that fans claim to make its clear that the track is about Rihanna, as she's very obviously a fashion icon and has regularly been spotted at New York Fashion Week. For the better part of a decade, Drake's been pretty upfront about his feelings for Rihannaso it wouldn't be a shock to learn that the long-time love story in "Finesse" is about her.

Drake and the Warehouse Live show that started it all

Again, Drake has yet to confirm anything either way, though, but it's hard to imagine that it could be about anyone else. Look, at the end of the day, these are all just theories, and fans will have to wait and see if Drake cops to any of their assumptions about the songs. History does tend to repeat itself, though, and since the rapper's never been shy about his songs or his feelings, he might just cop to something sooner rather than later.

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