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There are several steps necessary to build a release: Update sources. Build and install a new kernel. Build a new base system.

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Make and validate the base system release. Build and install Xenocara.

Make and validate the Xenocara release. Make the third party packages.

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Create boot and installation disk images. This manual describes the steps for the release and stable branches. To build a current release, additional steps may be required.

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Privileges will be de-escalated to the user build whenever possible. Most of the defaults can be overridden by setting the appropriate variables in mk. A release should use sources that were checked out using the same cvs 1 tag. See cvs 1 for more information. Always build and install a new kernel and reboot before building the programs that will use the kernel. This ensures that any new system calls, for example, will be present when needed.

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MP with a different kernel configuration if necessary. This directory must be owned by build:wobj with mode The base system release consists of at least one generic kernel, some installation media, the release tarballs, installation instructions, and checksum files.

This directory must be writable by build. To build a release, it is necessary to prepare a filesystem mounted with the noperm mount 8 option. The root of this filesystem must have owner build and mode This will be the root of a complete OpenBSD installation. The vnd 4 device vnd0 is also used and must not be configured.

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Org modular build system. The following steps will build and install Xenocara.

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