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Jesse Meester From 90 Day Fiancé Podcast Interview

Ninety Day Fiance Season 1

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When asked how to get rid of the curse, Tom says his great grandfather Relicor has a study room with hundreds of books about curses and other demonic subjects. Marco is upset and confused to learn that his feelings for Star were nothing more than demonic influence, but Star assures him that no curse can change the fact that they are 90 days dating show friends.

Using the Lucitor family's computer database in Relicor's study, Star, Marco, Tom, and Janna learn that the Blood Moon's datijg can be broken if Star and Marco stand in the exact spot where the curse was placed at the exact same cycle in the lunar calendar.

Unfortunately, the next full Blood Moon won't be for another years.

When Relicor finds Star and her friends in his private study, Tom explains the situation, and Relicor using Tom as an interpreter agrees to help.

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