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When your homie dating a girl you like

What if You and Your Friend Are Into the Same Woman?

By Rachel Shatto Oct 4, In the movies, love is a big, loud emotion that drowns out everything else.

But in real life, love can be sneaky. Rather than a crashing wave of emotion washing over you, it creeps up out of nowhere.

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So how do you know if you're in love with your friend and not just lust? There are lots of subtle and not-so-subtle ways to know that your feelings have begun to evolve into something less platonic.

When your homie dating a girl you like, 10 signs your girlfriend wants to date your friend

What used to be so relaxed has a hint of tension. While you may not be sure of how you feel, usually deep down you know… you just don't want to admit it yet. So, let me help you out by running through some scenarios to see if you really are low-key in love with your friend.

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Although chances are, if you're reading this, you totally are. You just feel like there is someone else out there who is better for them.

ladies, beware of the “homie” box

Someone who just so happens to look, act, and think exactly like you. Until death do you part. Yep, it's a real mystery why people are always so confused.

My arm brushed against yours for the tenth time. Totally on accident and no, it didn't feel like an electric shock. And no, I'm not going to accidentally do it again in about 60 seconds.

When your homie dating a girl you like - Should Ignore When She Starts; But never “the” girl?

Even pizza is not that good. You may have been able to deny you've caught feelings before, but this is a glaring sign that reads "Exiting The Friend Zone, Bon Voyage!

Their Happiness Is Everything To You We all love to see our friends happy, but if their happiness is literally your happiness or, worse yet, more important that your own happiness? That's a love connection, homie.

What Does It Mean When She Says 'He's Like My Brother'?, Thrillist

Because only they can really understand what it means to you. When negative things come your way, the only one who can actually comfort you is them. They are your safe space and the shoulder where you leave all your tears.

Yeah, because you're just friends. Spoiler alert: You're in love. You Keep Thinking "Maybe Someday" Giphy Do you find yourself wondering more and more if someday you'll be more than just friends? Maybe when they break up with their lame girlfriend. Yeah, just friends don't usually do that.

Past Relationships Have Ended Over Your Friendship Giphy Have you or your friend been broken up with by one or more partners because they felt like the third wheel in the relationship or like they come in second place? Come on, don't make me say it. Maybe it's time to get real with yourself and take things to the next level.

If you do decide to take that leap, just keep things respectful, fun, and honest.

Otherwise, you might miss out on something really amazing. Elite Daily on YouTube.

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