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Scorpio male dating leo female


Veebie Member I'd say the biggest hurdle is Scorpio's "ownership" tendencies, whereas as a Leo girl I flourish on freedom and independence. It is absolutely neccesary for me to be able to communicate with a large amount of people and bathe in the attention - and Scorpio's jealousy and "I see everything and thus think I know everything but sometimes interpret it completely fucking wrong" thing can seriously get in the way.

scorpio man and leo woman: love compatibility?

Literally the first thing I said to my guy was that I physically cannot and will not stick by one person exclusively, the fact that my Venus is in Gemini doesn't help either But he was absolutely adamant about sticking around.

One year later and we're still together But this is NO way a cool and steady relationship.

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It's freaking steamy and hot as hell. Whilst fire is spontaneous and water is persistent Combined, the energy is unreal Find a certain level of compromise when it comes to figuring out who's going to be the dominant figure between you two, and I think you'll be fine.

He just likes to feel like he's in charge, so I let him hold on to his extendable leash.

I know this sounds like a terrible analogue, but that's the way it is.

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