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Dating parker 75

Another reason was that even if the Parker "45" the Jotter sold very well, they also sold for very little money, leaving Parker with a small margin. Fisher managed to retrieve a lot of gold and silver ingots bars from the ships.

Parker 75

I believe that the earlier ones had the grips go all the way to the end of the shell near the thread, later ones stop short of the end, but not sure of dates. A fantastic collection of Parker "75" prototypes.


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You have nothing to lose. Edited by idazle, 04 November - No the clip has not been replaced as it is one of the very early 75s with the notched tassie.

It has the standard hallmark for imported silver. By the way, there are two "features" that I have deliberately not taken into account in the chart for identification purposes: boxes and converters.

To make the pen in solid gold would have been too expensive so Parker decided on sterling a very pure silver. Thanks to you for calling attention upon the gripping area.

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Boxes are easily swaped between older and newer pens, pqrker apparently converters dating parker Thanks for that, I haven't removed the clip so it may have the hallmark. He borrowed the filling system cartridge or converter from the Parker "45". I guess it's worth a try.

I have an early 75 which has the hallmark but does not have a hallmarked gold clip. I am datimg used to this whole online dating thing. The hallmark for the clip is on the ring.

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This made the grid-patterned silver pen only to grow more beautiful with time.

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