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Dating back to centuries ago

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Dating back to centuries ago - 10 common sayings with historical origins

Solar eclipses have historically been viewed as omens that bring about death and destruction. But in reality, they are harmless—and they even helped prove Einstein's theory of relativity.

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Solar eclipses used to be seen as omens. Historically, many scholars have tried their best to understand and predict solar eclipses. Scientific Discoveries The British astronomer and mathematician, Sir Arthur Eddington, used the total solar eclipse of May 29, to test Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity. By taking pictures of stars near the Sun during totality, Eddington was able to show that gravity can bend light.

This phenomenon is called gravitational deflection.

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All eclipses worldwide — Helium Named After the Sun A solar century ago is also responsible for the discovery of helium. The first piece of evidence for the existence of the second lightest and the second most abundant element known to humans was discovered by the French astronomer Jules Janssen during a total solar eclipse on August 18, Because of this, it's named after the Greek word for the Sun: Helios.

Predicting the Emperor's Future Surviving records have shown that the Babylonians and the ancient Chinese were able to predict solar eclipses as early as BCE.

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In China, solar eclipses were thought to be associated dating back to centuries ago the health and success of the emperor, and failing to predict one meant putting him in danger. Legend has it that 2 astrologers, Hsi and Ho, were executed for failing to predict a solar eclipse. Historians and astronomers believe that the eclipse that they failed to forecast occurred on October 22, BCE, which would make it the oldest solar eclipse ever recorded in human history.

Mythology of eclipses Substitute Kings Clay tablets found at ancient archaeological sites show that the Babylonians not only recorded eclipses—the earliest known Babylonian record is of the eclipse that took place on May 3, BCE—but were also fairly accurate in predicting them.

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They were the first people to use the saros cycle to predict eclipses. The saros cycle relates to the lunar cycle and is about 6, How often do solar eclipses occur?

“A few months ago, an Iraqi poetess, when the Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministry cast doubt on her country’s [Iraq] election, responded to him this way: ‘Your only election was [held] when your tribes held collective consultation to murder the Prophet [Muhammad]’.” “Now, under our very own nose, they have not traded $ billion worth of toys to just sit and watch them. Many translated example sentences containing "dating back centuries" – Russian-English dictionary and search engine for Russian The original decoration of wall paintings dating back to the 14th century are interesting to see as well as the whole collection of

Like the ancient Chinese, the Babylonians believed that solar eclipses were bad omens for kings and rulers. Predicting solar eclipses enabled them to seat substitute kings during solar eclipses with the hope that these temporary datings back to centuries ago would face the anger of the Gods, instead of the real king. Eclipses as Peacemakers According to the Greek historian Herodotus, a solar eclipse in BCE stopped the war between the Lydians and the Medes, who saw the dark skies as a sign to make peace with each other.

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The Greek astronomer Hipparchus used a solar eclipse to determine that the Moon was aboutkmmi away from the Earth. Kepler Close, Halley Closer Although early eclipse pioneers, including Chinese astronomer Liu Hsiang, Greek philosopher Plutarch, and Byzantine historian Leo Diaconus tried to describe and explain solar eclipses and their features, it was not until that astronomer Johannes Kepler gave a scientific description of a total solar eclipse.

More than a century later, Edmund Halley, who the famous Halley's comet is named after, predicted the timing and path of the total solar eclipse on May 3, His calculations were only 4 minutes and about 30 km 18 mi off from the actual timing and path of the eclipse.

Halley's comet causes 2 annual meteor showers : the Eta Aquarids and the Orionids. Some Other Notable Solar Eclipses in History The scientific fascination with solar eclipses has led to some important scientific discoveries about the nature of the Sun, Moon, and our solar system.

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