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Can dating a much younger man work

Why Older Women With Younger Men Relationships Work

Why older women and younger men are a perfect match

He just had to meet her. So he did a little eavesdropping. And when he approached her, he concocted a story about knowing someone who had gone to college with her. Michelle Davis knew he was lying, but he flashed a great smile and possessed a certain charm. Their conversation continued and a relationship began.

10 Reasons Why Older Women Like Younger Men - can dating a much younger man work

It was not until several dates later that Michelle, a flight attendant, asked John, an aircraft mechanic, how old he was. But by then, the numbers didn't matter. They had fallen in love.

Theirs is a different twist on the May-December romance, one that appears to be on the increase. Of course, such relationships are not new. People who don't make their living being beautiful also have settled into long relationships with much younger men.

age gap: things to know about dating someone older

Their book touches on ordinary women who have agreed to come forward and challenge the social censure that has caused many of them to feel ashamed of loving younger men. It also addresses the joys and hostilities such couples may face. The New York-based authors interviewed more than couples with to- year age differences.

Their relationships average a length of 17 years. Such pairings are more prevalent than most people think, Winter says, but society still views them as inappropriate or "tawdry. These relationships also are burdened by a host of stereotypes and misconceptions, the authors say.

Including: that a younger man will leave an older woman for a younger one. But the more common scenario, the authors argue, is that of older men leaving their wives for even younger women.

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The irony is that older women are criticized if they take up with a younger man, who may not be as intrigued with youth because he still has his. But if you are a year-old woman dating a much younger man, the community looks at your relationship as cheap - it's about sex and he's using her for money. A sales representative for Coors Brewing Co. When she met Matthew Schwartz on a business trip in Wyoming about seven months ago, she was a little hesitant to date him.

But, she says, his enthusiasm about her proved too hard to resist. Allowing herself to fall in love with him has developed into an "awesome relationship," she says.

Does age difference in relationships matter? When a younger man loves an older woman. 💕, LOVEXPLAINED

She's never been married, but adds that she wouldn't mind spending the rest of her life with him. Right now, she says, they have an exciting commuter relationship. He's enthusiastic and he's very positive," Dolphin says. Says Schwartz: "Cinde's outlook on life is the one thing that drives me toward her.

dating a younger man? here are 13 things you should know

She's a very outgoing woman and I'm an outgoing man, and that's what I'm looking for. His feelings for her grew very fast.

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I appreciated the fact that she was mature. So he proposed and moved to California to be with her.

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They have now been married years, have two young sons and live in Citrus Heights. I felt comfortable with her and her values and the direction we were going. I knew that the way she made me feel was love. The romance of writing Feb 14th, At first glance Robert Hawkins looks like a burly guy more comfortable watching football than writing a novel.

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