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Adult dating community network software

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Take a closer look at what makes ASPnetDating one of the best dating site platforms on the market today. Can't find the feature you need? Net Dating Software Administration Features Online administration Web based administration allows you to work on your online dating site wherever you have an Internet connection. There is no software to install and nothing to download.

You can administer the back-end and view the adult dating community network software results in real time. Net Dating Software gives you complete control over your users. Photo Management Any photo is automatically resized to fit your design and preserve server space. Photos are automatically watermarked with YOUR logo.

You may set the limit of photos per account. Of course, any uploaded photo stays in "pending" state until it is approved or rejected by the administrator. It provides a flexible way to maintain the site rules and block the unacceptable and spam ones. Answers Approval Trying to keep your site clean?

Adult dating community network software

Photo approval alone is usually not enough. Net Dating Software provides full control over profile answers.

Just pick the questions that need approval e. It is also possible to edit before approve - helps stripping a bad word of otherwise clean profile. Send Announcement If You need to send an announcement to all the site members the easiest way is using this section. It allows You to keep them up to date with the latest updates and features.

Spam Check This feature is an option. It can be enabled or disabled. It helps the administrators to better manage and prevent the spam messages and the users that send them. Net Dating Software provides Multilanguage support.

Use this section to edit your website languages. Using our site manager you have the ability to define each and every aspect of your users profiles. You can set the topics, columns, questions, possible answers, define if any answer is required or if should be approved first.

Our news manages does everything for you - automatically. Just add those news, click "Save" and they appear instantly on your site. The news box itself is a native ASP. NET component and you can place it on any page you wish. The system provides you an easy way to change the default one. Content Pages Management This is a very easy way of adding new pages to the site.

No need of knowing html! You only have to enter the page name and content using the user-friendly text editor adult dating community network software. Text Management This section provides the system flexibility for Multilanguage usage.

It has never been easier translating the whole site to as many languages as YOU want. All YOU have to do is write down the equivalent of the string in the language table on the corresponding language.

The system will automatically replace it everywhere on the site where it has been used.

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Settings Management Casual dating, adult, etc - configure your site the way you want it. Admins Management Often there is the necessity of more than one person for administrating the different site contents, options and features. In this section YOU can create users and set the corresponding rights for the site administration.

Define your own payment plans in terms of price and duration. Your users will be able to pick one payment plan and subscribe to it.

Adult dating community network software - comparison of online dating services

If you want to run a free site you can disable all payment-related functionality from the "Settings" screen. This feature provides their management.

Browse Groups This feature provides full control over the existing groups. You can preview, edit or delete them. A filter is provided if you want to preview only groups by certain criteria.

Approve Groups This feature provides full control over the existing groups. Net Dating Software package includes several pre-made themes. You have the choice to either pick one of the included thems or create your own. All themes are designed with the user in mind and include user-friendly interface and easy to use features.

Home Page The first page your users will see. The page consists of login box, registration link, basic search box, news box, new users box, and a photo randomly loaded each time. Registration Page The page consists of news box and registration form. Each user will need to click on the confirmation link to complete the registration. It shows many user-specific details such as: times your profile has been viewed, your current rating, new messages, and new members of the opposite sex.

Members can preview their profile by clicking on the "View Profile" link. Edit Photos - You should place your photo guidelines on that page. Each photo can also have name and description. You can set a photo of your choice as "primary".

The primary photo shows in the search results, profile, messages. If no primary photo is specified then the first available is used. Settings - If you need to change any information provided with the registration you can do it in the settings page. You have also the ability to hide your profile e.

Search Page Quick Search Page - The quick search mode makes adult dating community network software finding users by specifying gender, country, state, zip, city, age range. It is also possible to limit the search results only to members with photos.

The page also has two other convenient searches - Username search and Keyword search.

Custom Search Page - This page contains all the functionality of the basic search but also gives the ability to narrow down the search to specific answers. For example - if you have the question "Smoke" with possible answers "Yes", "No", "Sometimes" the advanced search will have such section with checkboxes for each of the possible answers.

This way you are able to filter out smokers or non-smokers. Search Results Page - Search results are shown 5 per page configurable. Each row shows primary photo thumbnail, headline, username, age, city, adult dating community network software online, etc.

You can freely define the fields you need to show here. Users can click on any photo to view the profile. Can also be used to create community network on demand. Blog Page If you have watch or read something interesting, want to share your thoughts and impressions about anything you want here is the place to post it.

Mailbox Page Shows all your incoming, outgoing and deleted messages.

Group Categories Page Site administrators can organize the community groups into categories. Each group can belong to multiple categories. You can see detailed information for each group - name, access level, description, number of members and the date when the group was created. The number of topics and members to be displayed are defined by the site administrator.

Each group member can upload photos and contribute. The features screenshots and the coresponding description are only a brief overview.

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For more detailed information please refer to the application's documentation and see the online demo.

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