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Whos dating who on riverdale

What's sexier than mystery and small towns? Well, just about the entire cast of Riverdale, and you're not the only one who thinks so.

Real Life Couples of Riverdale 2019

If you've been wondering who their lucky partners are, I've got the scoop on everyone the cast of Riverdale is dating. Yes, I am bouncing out of my chair wondering what's going to happen in the finale, but I'm equally desperate to know if Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are going to post any more dog videos.

I feel particularly attached to their love lives because I often watch Riverdale and then go on Tinder during commercial breaks it's just one of my "rituals". So, in a way, I'm dating the entire cast, but in another way, I'm really not, because they've never met me.

riverdale cast: the real-life couples revealed

Either way, I love the show, and there's no wonder such a talented group of people has kept us all delighted both on and off screen for the last three years. Read on to find out who everyone in the cast of Riverdale is dating. Sounds like their fall romance is blossoming into the summer! Sprouse is a photographer, and he frequently makes Reinhart his muse.

She returns the passion, sharing a recent video of him playing with an adorable dog, Pinky. He's now enjoying his single status and honestly, so are we. They've been spotted on double dates with Mendes and Melton — looks like even if you date outside the cast, those Riverdale bonds run deep.

Now, he's riding solo and loving it!

here's everyone the cast of 'riverdale' is dating irl, because i can't get enough

She's dating baseball player Michael Kopech. I wonder how many bases he's gotten to.

It's time for a little small-town pep in your life. While one fan basically said that the girl who asked the invasive question ruined any and all future confessions from Lili and Cole by saying QUOTE Aside from all the craziness that stemmed from the infamous dating question, the Riverdale cast also shared a lot about their characters on the show. Madelaine opened up about Cheryl’s inevitable.

Just ask his wife, TV host Kelly Ripato whom he's been married for 22 years. Ashleigh Murray: A Mystery Man? They have one daughter and one son.


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The cast of Riverdale never fails to delight on screen, but they also kill it off screen. Their love lives are rich and exciting, and I'm happy to learn about who they're dating and report back. Riverdale the town may be a hopeless place on the show, but in real life, many of the actors have managed to find love or are loving their singlehood, which is just as fun!

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