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Successful woman dating a felon

Successful woman dating a felon a professional seriously dating a man with a felony?

If found guilty he faces a maximum penalty of 13 years in prison. One of his victims, Marjorie Moon, says she met Gonzalez on a dating site where the two bonded over their love of good food.

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On their first date at an expensive LA restaurant he ordered two main dishes, dessert and an expensive wine, she told The Washington Post. When he was finished eating Gonzalez excused himself, saying he had to make a phone call.

When he didn't return, Ms Moon asked their waiter if he'd seen her date. Other women say they experienced similar dates with Gonzalez, who would allegedly order several of the most expensive items on the menu as well as wine and often dessert.

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His excuses for leaving varied from a sick aunt to needing the bathroom to a forgotten phone charger in his car. His accusers say Gonzalez used a prepaid burner phone which he would discard after each date so they couldn't contact him, and would delete his online dating profile as well.

Inside Edition reports that more than 20 women have come forward in total, but only eight have pressed charges against Gonzalez. Two restaurants have also been listed as his victims as they ended up picking up the tab for his dates.

Gonzalez is also suspected of leaving a hair salon without paying inwith security footage showing him departing with wet hair and still wearing the salon's smock.

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