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Jasmine sandlas garry sandhu dating

Jasmine Sandlas and Garry Sandhu to get married?

By: Prakriti February 7, Well, just a week ago we saw a video in which Garry Sandhu and Jasmine Sandlas hugged each other on the stage.

The duo was dating each other for a long time, but they broke up. We saw them together neither on shows nor on social media.

The fans wanted them to reunite because they looked adorably cute together. The duo reunited, but this time as friends.

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In a recent video, the duo was seen chilling at the beautiful hill station Mcleodganj. We could see them enjoying the weather as well as some hot momos and Garry was even seen putting a ring on Jasmine's finger.

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During a conversation, they were discussing life and Jasmine asked Garry which one according to him is better, staying single or being in a committed relationship? Reasoning their thoughts, both the singers concluded that staying single is the best because you have the freedom to do what you want to.

Well, it is great to see that they are together now.

That is how mature people behave and Jasmine and Garry have surely set an example for many.

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