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Endometrial dating meaning

If inadequate luteal phase is suspected and is desired to be confirmed histologically, the biopsy should be taken between the 21st and 23rd cycle days to demonstrate a 3- to 4-day delay in endometrial maturation. Impaired maturation is presumably due to the poor development of the corpus luteum.

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This in turn results in a decrease of circulating progesterone levels, which are then not sufficient to promote full secretory differentiation of the endometrium. A repeat biopsy taken during the same period of the following cycle will further confirm an abnormally short corpus luteum life span.

In cases of clinical membranous dysmenorrhea, the endometrial biopsy should be taken on cycle days 5 to In these endometrial datings meaning, the histologic specimens contain large fragments casts of endometrium, often with focal Arias-Stella reaction, or star-shaped glands with dense stroma alternating with foci of normal menstrual endometrium.

Such a condition, also called irregular shedding, is presumably associated with a persistent corpus luteum from a recent or remote intrauterine or ectopic pregnancy and with relatively increased blood progesterone levels.

In routine dating, the pathologist should avoid bias by evaluating the histologic endometrial dating meaning before reading the clinical information. After examining the specimen, the pathologist should attempt to correlate histology with clinical history.

Given histologic expertise, however, the endometrial biopsy is sufficiently accurate and objective that the date of the sample seldom has to be changed in the face of a contrary history. In the most common terminology for dating the endometrial biopsy, day 1 is used as the first day of bleeding, and this is used in Figure 3 as the starting point. During this period, daily morphologic alterations are not sufficiently sensitive.

Also, because proliferation precedes the ovulatory period, dating proliferative endometrium gives the clinician no relevant information on whether ovulation is occurring. The daily changes in the endometrium during the postovulatory period, however, are significant enough from one day to another to provide accurate evaluation of the endometrial cycle.

Major morphologic criteria for dating the endometrium during the menstrual cycle. Fertil Steril Reproduced with permission of the publisher. During this period, the endometrial mucosa undergoes rapid degeneration and regeneration.

Both phenomena are presumably independent of hormonal influence. The stroma beneath the surface epithelium contains blood lakes, fragmented stromal cells, and inflammatory exudate Fig. These rapidly become generalized, resulting in a rough, friable, hemorrhagic surface.

When seen in cross-section, the functional layer of the endometrium occupies the upper two thirds of the entire thickness; the lower third, or basal layer, changes very little during the endometrial cycle. Menstrual endometrium.

On cycle day 2, the functional layer becomes disorganized, containing predecidual stromal cells admixed endometrial dating meaning epithelial glandular cells; both cellular systems undergo severe degenerative changes Fig. These are diffuse throughout the endometrial mucosa of the body and fundus regions. The isthmic endometrium is not significantly sensitive to cyclic hormonal stimuli and is not used for dating purposes.

The menstrual fluid is made up of autolyzed tissue admixed with a heavy polymorphonuclear exudate, red blood cells, and proteolytic enzymes. One of the latter is blood protease plasmin, which prevents clotting of menstrual blood. Plasminogen activators, which convert plasminogen into plasmin, are found in and released from degenerated endometrial vascular endothelium.

The adjacent endometrium is intact and most commonly is of the hyperplastic type. During cycle days 1 and 2, synthesis of nuclear deoxyribonucleic acid DNA is near zero level in the secretory functional layer of the endometrium. These findings are consistent with previous ultrastructural observations, indicating that the cellular components of the functional layer undergo irreversible cell injury before being expelled during the menstrual period.

Scanning electron microscopy of regenerative endometrium. By cycle day 5, the surface is fully regenerated.

Starting on day 2 and for the subsequent 2 days, proliferation of the basal gland epithelium begins in the areas of denudation. Another source of resurfacing epithelium is the surface epithelium of peripheral regions of the endometrial cavity, such as the lower uterine segment and peritubal ostia, which remain intact during the menstrual period. Complete re-epithelialization of the surface coincides with cessation of bleeding. DNA tracing studies have shown that increased DNA synthesis is confined to the basal layer of the body and fundus of the uterus and the adjacent isthmic and peritubal-ostial endometrial mucosa, all of which remain intact during endometrial dating meaning.

The postmenstrual endometrium is repaired by cellular migration and replication of surface epithelial cells. These features are consistent with ameboid contraction-expansion-mediated motility. Regenerative endometrium. Endometrial stromal cells modulate the growth, steroid hormone action, and functional differentiation of the epithelial cells.

The basement membrane provides anchorage and participates in the control of proliferation and migration of epithelial cells as well as in their differentiations. The sudden increase in nucleic acid synthesis and a very short DNA-synthesis phase of the regenerative cells result in accelerated tissue turnover Fig. These characteristics of migration and accelerated tissue turnover explain the spectacularly rapid wound healing capability of the human endometrium.

Endometrial dating, definition of endometrial dating by Medical dictionary

DNA and ultrastructural data do not support the concept that the regenerative endometrium derives directly from persistent secretory spongiosa or stromal fibroblasts of the endometrium. Kinetic endometrial datings meaning of the endometirum during the menstrual cycle according to in vitro historadioautography using the double-labeling technique with 3 H-thymidine.

Note the sudden increase in LI and shortening of the DNA-S phase and tissue turnover time during the regenerative period on cycle days 3 to 4.

The postregenerative period cycle day 5 on is characterized by prolongation of both the DNA-S phase and tissue turnover time. Ferenczy A: How to date the endometrial cycle. Contemp Obstet GynecolThe mechanisms of endometrial dating meaning of endometrial proliferation during menstruation do not seem to be influenced by estradiol.

Indeed, during cycle days 3 and 4, despite increased DNA activity, plasma levels of estrogens and progesterone receptors are low and unchanged from the premenstrual values see Fig.

Endometrial Pathology

Also, in experimental endometrial regeneration in the rabbit, proliferation kinetics and morphologic alterations of the regenerative but estrogen-deprived atrophic endometrium associated with ovariectomy are similar to those in animals with intact ovaries. These changes are accompanied by an increase in plasma levels of estrogens and progesterone receptors and a slight decrease in serum pituitary hormones see Fig. Historadioautography of proliferative endometrium.

Proliferative Phase The preovulatory endometrium demonstrates proliferative changes in the glands, stromal cells, and vascular system.

The stroma becomes vascularized. These changes take place under the stimulatory action of estradiolwhich stimulates the DNA-promoter enzyme, thymidylate synthetase. Increased proliferation leads to a considerable thickening of the endometrial mucosa. It is interesting to note that the endometrium demonstrates geographic variations in its response to hormonal stimuli.

Maximum DNA synthesis is observed in the fundus and body of the uterus, whereas the isthmic and cornual regions contain comparatively lower values.

Endometrial dating meaning; endometrial dating in the conception cycle.

Whether differences in hormonal responses are due to dissimilar vascular supply of the upper and lower layers or to the intrinsic, heterogeneous nature of the endometrial tissue in terms of receptor content or to both remains to be determined.

Maximum DNA synthesis during the midproliferative phase of the cycle i. According to animal studies, 14 DNA endometrial dating meaning decreases rather than increases after 2 days of estrogen administration. Inhibition of nucleic acid synthesis is apparently not related to loss of estradiol receptors or nuclear translocation of estradiol receptors, but rather, presumably, to accumulation of the chalone-like inhibitors of DNA synthesis.

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Recent biochemical and immunohistochemical studies have identified several peptides suspected to be involved in the autocrine or paracrine control of endometrial growth. Insulin-like growth factors also promote endometrial cellular mitosis, including that of decidual cells.

It is likely that epidermal growth factor mediates the mitogenic action of estradiol. It is increased in the secretory phase and particularly in early pregnancy decidua and may enhance placental calcium transport. Cytokines are multifactorial immunomodulators acting by autocrine, paracrine, or endocrine mechanisms on proliferation and differentiation of cells of the immune system.

In addition to tissue proliferation, estradiol promotes the development of free and bound ribosomes, mitochondria, golgiosomes and primary lysosomes in gland cells and presumably in stromal cells Fig. Biochemically, these organelles each provide for protein matrix, energy, and synthesis of various enzymes.

Some of these enzymes, including glucosephosphatase, hexokinase, pyruvate kinase, and lactate dehydrogenase, are involved in carbohydrate metabolism. Another characteristic feature of proliferative-surface and gland-lining cells is an increase in the number of cilia and microvilli Fig.

These decrease considerably during the secretory phase, suggesting that endometrial ciliogenesis and microvillogenesis are estrogen dependent.

It has been suggested that this peculiar distribution and strong-forward and slow-recovery ciliary endometrial dating meaning pattern facilitate mobilization and distribution of endometrial secretions during the luteal phase of the cycle.

Proliferative endometrium. Gland cells have cytokeratin- and vimentin-positive intracytoplasmic filaments, whereas endometrial stromal cells contain vimentin and smooth muscle-related antigens. They are unlikely to play a significant role, if any, in the local secretory immune system.

Indeed, endometrial epithelial cells synthesize negligible amounts of immunoproteins, 19 and IgG-containing plasma cells are absent in normal endometrium. The observations are consistent with the sterile nature of normal endometrium. Secretory Phase During the postovulatory phase, or secretory phase, the estradiol -primed endometrium is under progestagenic stimulation and undergoes secretory differentiation.

Because similar changes may be produced by estrogens alone in the absence of ovulation, incomplete or abortive subnuclear vacuolization is not considered specific to ovulation. The first reliable histologic alterations that are considered specific to ovulation are seen on the 17th day POD 3 of the cycle. Both phenomena involve every cell in a given gland Fig. Secretory endometrium. At the transmission electron microscopic level, ovulation may be recognized by the appearance of giant mitochondria and the so-called nucleolar channel system in gland cells.

They are presumably produced by the infolding of the nuclear membranes under progesterone stimulation.

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