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Thief sets up Rupert Grint for online dating

The goal in Harem Thief is to own people. You can buy or conquer them from other owners. While browsing or searching profiles, you can send messages, flowers or gifts to members that interest you.

The leaderboards show the most popular and most competive members. Tap Assets -- Offense to buy attackers.

While browsing profiles, tap the coin icon to buy, or the attacker icon to conquer that person. However, these attackers can only be used against equal or higher level owners.

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For instance, a level 5 attacker can attack level 5 and higher, but not level 4. Leaderboards for each level show the number of successful conquests. The main castle can be protected by guards. Go to Assets to buy guards.

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Competitors dating thief try to attack your main castle to rob people from you. Increase the number of guards to make it difficult for attackers. However, you will be charged a daily fee per person. Others may still buy them from you.

If you want to prevent that as well, you can select block salewhich also requires a daily dating thief. You can put a sale reserve to obtain a higher price when someone buys from you. The sale reserve is limited to about 2 - times the person value 2 for very expensive, for very cheap.

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Some gifts also increase a person's value. Tap Assets -- Level to see the required size and value for the next level.

With each level you can get more powerful attackers and compete with more owners. Please help improve the app.

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