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Dating old fruit jars

Dating old kerr canning jars

European storage jars often date into the s but the modern fruit jar, as found in this country, began to appear about with the introduction of cork and wax seal jars and their tin top cousins. The development of a suitable closure which would prevent spoilage, be reusable and be economic proved challenging but the effort resulted in a great variety of odd closures which attract the big dollars from Fruit Jar collectors today.

The jar probably is among the most common of the older jars and most examples were made well after the patent date.

Colored examples of any jar early or late will bring a handsome price at auction. Colored means not clear or not aqua.

The next most common color is amber. After that the examples get scarce in deep olives, teals and even cobalt. Until the invention of a screw-top with a rubber seal, the most common means of sealing jars was with wax.

The terms 'wax seal' or 'wax sealer' usually refer to a jar with a groove around the lip which held both the metal lid and the wax in place. Colored wax seal jars will sell for the most. Early colored jars are rare. Most 19th century jars were made in aqua and most 20th century jars in clear glass.

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Machine made jars in color are the best of the later jars. Colored pontil examples, while rare, are known in a variety of colors with cobalt blue being the top of the line.

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The closure makes the jar valuable.

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