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Dating negative guys

The Dos and Don'ts of Dating Bad Boys

10 Guys You Should NEVER Date

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July 7, Pexels When you're dating someone, not everything is always perfect, and part of being in a relationship is pushing your partner to grow. However, there are certain boundaries when it comes to complaints and criticisms.

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Spend too much time dwelling on the bad, and you may start to exhibit some signs you're too negative with your partner. Even if you're coming from a good place, you never want to put too much emphasis on the downsides of a relationship, and you could end up hurting your partner or pushing them away if you're always nitpicking at everything they do.

Negativity also reduces libido and the frequency and quality of sex that couple could be enjoying. You Argue All The Time If you're constantly arguing with your partner, it might be more about your attitude than the subject.

5 Signs You're Dating a Toxic Person (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

This can also ruin valuable quality time. If that's not where you'd like to be headed, start talking your partner up —you'll soon believe what you are saying.

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Your Neutral Statements Are Often Misconstrued As Negative Pexels It's not a good sign if everything you say is construed as negative, even when you were saying something entirely neutral. Neutral cues will be coded as negative. You're Dissatisfied In General Pexels Your unhappiness with life might seep out into your relationship with your partner.

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If this keeps up, it can become emotionally abusive. Your underlying datings negative guys might be bleeding through, so you need to be aware about the anger, resentment, or even contempt that you're carrying toward your partner. You Always Have To Give Your 2 Cents Pexels If you constantly interject with your negative opinion even when it's not wanted, your partner is going to suffer.

Dating negative guys; 7 types of bad men and why you keep dating them

They Stop Doing Special Things For You Pexels If your partner used to cook for you, take care of your car, or tidy up around the house and has stopped doing that, you've likely been nit-picky and critical instead of appreciative. Instead, be grateful, thankful, and appreciative.

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You Don't Celebrate Their Accomplishments Pexels Ignoring all the positives is just as detrimental as focusing only on the negatives.

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