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14 Times Barry Allen Was Too Adorkable To Handle On 'The Flash'

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By Rachel Paige Apr 1, Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wish there were more adorkable masked vigilantes"? Grant Gustin plays the most adorkable Barry Allen on The Flash and I never want to go back to a time without this lanky tripping-over-words speedster.

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As nice as it would be for everyone to be able to complete the salmon ladder, I do wish there were more crime fighters out there wearing converse, skinny jeans, and blushing over girls. Barry Allen, please never change.

This season of The Flash has given fans so many amazing moments that have made us fall head over heels in love with Barry. And none for Linda Park, bye! To hold you over for now, here are the 14 most adorkable Barry moments.

Barry Finds His Abs Let's start off with The Flash pilot, when Barry wakes up from a coma, and discovers that he doesn't even need to hit the gym. Barry Justifying His Actions Joe mentions to Barry that he's "acting weird," and Barry's like, have you met me before? Barry Wearing This Outfit Gosh, what a fiiiiiine outfit it is, too.

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If this is how Barry asked me out on a date, I wouldn't hesitate for a moment. It's Iris' fault for acting so confused about it.

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But then again, Barry did know that they had kissed in the future TimeTravelProblems. Barry's "Sorry" Face What even is this? This face, this is a great face.

Hey, Barry, don't worry, we can't win them all. Flash Rahbbit on YouTube It might only be about 10 seconds long, but it's the best 10 seconds of the episode. Also, LOL at Caitlin going, "he's so fast!

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Barry Actually Being Super Cocky Some jerk tries to mug Barry, and he thinks it's the funniest thing that's ever happened to him. It's like he's honored that some guy would choose him over everyone else. But oh boy, did that criminal pick the wrong person.

Barry Pumped For Trivia Barry is like an excited puppy that you just want to love and cuddle forever.

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