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When men rarely check dating apps

By Courteney Larocca Aug 19, Like most technological advancements, dating apps have made our lives significantly easier by making finding a date so more convenient — you can connect with someone you've never met from the comfort of your own couch.

Du vet aldri hvem du kan finne. Finner du ikke det du leter etter.

But with our busy lives, there's bound to be periods in the day when we just don't have the time to check our phones. If you're using your dating app when other people aren't, it won't be as easy to find a potential match.

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So, when do people using their dating apps? We teamed up with Happn, the dating app that connects you with people who you've crossed paths with IRL, to learn more about how people use their dating apps. Between June 2-June 27, we surveyed 1, Happn users female and male in their 20s and 30s and asked them about their dating app behaviorincluding when they're actually using their dating apps — and there's good news if you're not a morning person, take lunchtime seriously, and are on your phone right after work.

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So if you're trying to optimize your time on dating apps by figuring out when most people are on them, here are the best and worst times to check your dating apps. So, if you're a morning person, you'll probably benefit more from using that extra early energy on something else — or on OkCupid.

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Only 10 percent of men and women check Happn during their lunch breaks. If you're really committed to the dating grind maybe try hitting on that cute cashier at your favorite lunch spot.

About a quarter 24 percent of women on Happn are using the app after work, and 27 percent of men are opening their apps once their workday is done. The evening is a popular time to check your dating apps across other dating apps as well.

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The Nielsen data shows that most people use Tinder between 6 p. Dating Is Great, But So Is Sleep Giphy While more men and women are using dating apps before going to sleep than after waking up, getting some shuteye still seems to take priority over using dating apps seeing as how only 16 percent of women and 23 percent of men use Happn right before going to bed. So, if you're looking for a late-night convo or booty callyou might want to set it up before 10 p.

All Day Long, Every Day If you can't be away from your phone for more than a few minutes, you aren't alone — 47 percent of men and 35 percent of women are checking Happn all throughout the day.

But, this random usage also follows a bit of a routine: 50 percent of men use Happn and other dating apps daily. Women are slightly less likely to use their apps on a predictable schedule, with 37 percent of women using Happn and other dating apps daily.

If you're looking to find someone on a dating app, the great news is that people are on there all day long.

But your best bet seems to be right when you're leaving the office. Think of those extra matches as a reward for all that hard work.

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