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What months are dating apps used the most

Online Dating Industry: The Business of Love

Your dating app options may soon be opening up, because the best time of year for online dating is here.

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Match reports 50 million messages sent and 1 million dates occurring during this time, which is referred to as peak dating season. Match predicts a 42 percent increase in new members during the most popular day of the year for online dating.

Here are three ways to attract quality matches on dating apps and sites, just in time for peak dating season. You should be updating your information regularly, for a number of reasons. First, you obviously want your pictures to look like you do now, not the way you did six months or a year ago.

Secondly, changing up your photos and bio every now and then can get you more matches. Certain pictures actually attract more people.

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That's why Tinder's Smart Photo feature uses an algorithm to reorder your photos and show your best one first. Make sure you have the Smart Photo option toggled on, because it will increase your number of matches.

A timely quote or interesting question in your bio could also encourage users to swipe right. If you usually wait for matches to reach out to you, you could be missing out. Make it a habit to always send the first message.

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Not everyone is photogenic, and sometimes photos are just taken poorly. Rather than swiping at the speed of light, take the time to read bios and look at all the photos.

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Looking through all their photos is also a good idea. Getting a ton of matches is great, but on dating apps and in lifequality is better than quantity.

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Attract interesting people and go on more promising dates by swiping right on these tips.

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