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Dating apps not working for me

‘I Hate Dating Apps So Much!’

Share A few weeks ago, I made the executive decision to quit using dating apps. Yes, life can bring you unfortunate circumstances that, despite your best efforts, adversely impacting your well being. You can take that route, or you can supply your brain with stuff that makes you feel like crap.

However, the process I had to subject myself to just to go on a date was what wore me down, and definitely exacerbated my anxiety — the anxiety I continue to pay money to treat. It was like death by a thousand cuts.

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I recognize such a takeaway could have been due to my own self-esteem issues or just my brain chemistry that triggers depression. But the longer I live, the more people I run into who say that everyone is self-conscious.

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So feeling rejected by right swipes devoid of results reads to me as pretty universal. So I deleted the apps. These days, I try and put myself in more social situations where I might meet someone in person, cutting out the demoralizing digital middleman.

why dating apps and sites aren't working for you

It is ironic, however, to think that I got on the apps, presumably like most people, because they seemed to make it easier to meet people. Real-life socializing in search of a prospective partner gets me out of the house, if nothing else.

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