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Create dating app like tinder

Make an App like Tinder in Android & iPhone

Create Profile Users can create an account in datecy instantly by providing their name, email, date of birth, and gender. Users can also find their perfect match based on location.

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Chat Users can get connected in datecy and chat with one another using an integrated chat module. Start Dating After finding their perfect partner, users can chat with each other, start dating, and get into a relationship. It also helps the users to share their pictures instantly.

Create group Users can connect with new people, add them, meet them, and have fun.

Users can create a group with like-minded people. Hassle-free chat The users can have an unlimited conversation with their mutual matches. They can share emojis, images, videos, etc.

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Subscriptions Admin can earn money by introducing additional paid features like rewind, unlimited and boost and make extra money from the tinder clone script Datecy's - Highlighting Features Chat After connecting with individual profiles or joining a group, users can engage in a seamless conversation with each other. Like, Super Like, Reject Users can like, super like, and reject individual profiles. It will increase the chances of finding the perfect match.

GEO Location Users can search for matches based on distance from their current location.

Create Tinder-Like Dating App

They can also increase the search distance to enhance the list of potential matches. Instant notification Users will be notified instantly when their profile gets a like or super like. Push notifications ensure that the user always gets notified of incoming messages. Rewind feature Users can use the rewind functionality if they want to make a change on their last swipe in the Datecy App.

Admin Dashboard Features Admin Dashboard The Datecy admin panel is fully responsive, and it is a highly interactive panel. Our all-in-one dashboard has access to control all the users. Google Ads Gain increased marketing effort by integrating Google Ads into the app.

You can earn extra money by displaying Google Ads inside the app.

It will boost your overall revenue. In-App Purchase Using these In-app purchases, users can purchase premium plans easily. Hide Adverts Admin can enable the option to hide ads for premium users. By enabling this option, admin can create dating app like tinder more money as users will try to get rid of the ads subscribing to premium plans. Integrate Instagram Admin has the option to integrate Instagram to the app.

This option will enable users to invite users from their Instagram accounts, which in turn will increase the user base. This option is available on both Android and iOS. Unlimited Matches The Datecy app will match the user's profile with an unlimited number of matches in the application.

There is no limit in finding new users which in-turn will help the user to find their match easily. Random Matches We coded the app intelligently to match with some random profiles. It will also make sure that your search doesn't go beyond the distance and age limit that you have added.

Block User If someone is annoying you by sending frequent requests or pinging you in private chats repeatedly, then you can block the user instantly. Once if a user is blocked, he won't be able to see your profile again.

Make An Android App Like TINDER - part 1 - Introduction

Image Share Users can share images with their friends or with the matches in the in-app chat in a single create dating app like tinder. They can share pictures both live photos as well as their stored images. Keyboard Emojis Users can use a variety of smiley faces along with a massive list of Emojis. It will help the users to express their interests more conveniently.

We have added hundreds of Emojis into the app. Auto Spell Datecy has integrated auto spell option in chat, which will help the users to type in fast and have a quick chat with their matches.

It will also auto-correct grammar mistakes in the conversation. Unfriend User If someone is continuously annoying you or you don't like them anymore, you can unfriend them quickly in a single click. After that, they won't have there on your friend's list. Location Filter Find a perfect match based on location easily using the location filter option.

This filter weeds out people who are outside a particular radius and shows only profiles within your locality. Distance Filter The Datecy app has a filter to fetch profiles based on distance.

Users can find users within particular proximity. It will help them to go for a date quickly on the same day. Change Location Datecy app will fetch the user location accurately, but still, the user can manually change the area by subscribing to premium packages. Admin can create dating app like tinder money using this feature. Soft Search Filters Users can make use of this multi-filter search module.

It will help the users to filter their match from thousands of profiles in the app. It will weed out the unwanted profiles and bring in the precise results. Share Profiles Users can share their profiles on their social media accounts. We have integrated the Datecy app with Fb, Twitter, and Linkedin, which will allow the user to share their profiles efficiently. Hide Profile User has the option to hide their profile for a particular period by paying a premium to the app owner.

Using this feature, they can browse through the other profiles without showing their identity. Discover New People There is an option called explore in the Datecy app, which allows the user to explore new profiles along with images and videos. It enables them to connect with random users easily.

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Unlike Tinder, it offers screening capabilities similar to what Uber-like services provide, and it is accessible through an easy to use the app for your convenience. The main features of Datecy are as follows: Datecy is an Uber-like dating app designed to take the hassle out of meeting new people. It provides a fun, easy to use interface to help you locate potential prospects. Select your location and find all the potential partners in your area.

You can then choose your future dates based on your preferences. The service will provide you with all the tools and information you need to get the correct choice. The app can even screen your potential partners. Datecy is quite affordable, and it can help you save a lot of time and effort. It is available on both iOS and Android. Payments are made convenient by integrating multiple payment gateways. It is one of the most affordable dating services apps you will ever find.

Exploring the Popularity and Convenience of Uber for Dating Apps Datecy is an easy to configure, intelligently designed dating app that is a blend between Uber and Tinder, providing users with the ability to find and date local singles safely and conveniently.

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You can make a lot of money with datecy. See how tinder makes money.

How to Create a Dating App? Make an App Like Tinder: create dating app like tinder

According to most startups who already use Uber-like apps to attract customers, the profitability is skyrocketing only after a few months of the app being in use. Users love the service because it can be utilized to meet new people, start a meaningful relationship, and achieve better self-knowledge. So here is your chance to make the singles in your area happy to find their soul mates, while earning a lot of money create dating app like the best On-demand dating app out there.

Datecy has the design of tinder along with the same remarkable capabilities of an Uber-like app. Datecy is a powerful mobile dating application you can use to configure your on-demand dating business. An important part associated with making money with the help of a dating service is to have a clear and honest intention of helping your clients to find their future partner.

With the help of the Datecy app, you can accomplish this by creating a comprehensive matchmaking process, and setting up the app to automatically analyze all the variables to come up with the best matches. The Datecy App can then be used by your clients to quickly find their best matches based on their location, as well as the various factors included from the matchmaking process.

You can charge a small amount per person, a membership fee, or just a little fee tinder can pay only when they find their new significant partner. The app is available both on Android and iOS platforms.

You will never regret trying out this reliable Uber for dating app and with the power of Datecy backing you up. It will be easy to expand your business and make a lot of money simultaneously.

It will also bring joy to thousands of unhappy singles. When it comes to dating services, new apps come and go every day, but people who are using Datecy software have experienced a lot of success. With the help of Datecy, you can not only keep your business afloat but also expand your horizons and create a unique Uber-like dating service.

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Making money with this tinder like the application is easy. Here is where Datecy comes in: Designed for both iOS and Android, Datecy uses some of the latest, most advanced and flexible matchmaking criteria and algorithms to create matches. It is fast, easy to use and can be combined with dating services that prefer both the Tinder and Uber approach for finding the best matches. It can allow users to find all potential matches in their area. Datecy can also be used by services that create dating app like tinder stringent criteria for matchmaking, as well as those that screen their applicants in person.

With this fast, easy to use and reliable application, your business can thrive easily. No matter how you want to run your Datecy app, it will always deliver the best and most accurate results. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best browsing experience. We use cookies to recognize your vists and preferences, as well as to measure and analyze traffic on our website By clicking "Allow all cookies" on this banner, you consent to the use of cookies unless you have disabled them.

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