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I know in this day and age, we are so used to making our initial decisions off of looks or we want to see the entire package before swiping right!

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I bet now you are wondering how this works. Upon downloading the app, users are asked to select a bunch of their interests and tastes relating to music, movies, TV, books, and even pets.

who is your match today?

The app's "slow matchmaking" algorithm then shows you compatible profiles based on your interests and search settings. Unlike Tinder, Bumble, and basically every other dating app out there, the app won't just show you photos of your match. When you first start conversing with your match, your profile photo appears entirely covered by a pattern.

As you chat with your match you have the opportunity to like the messages — or "encounters" — they send you. The more you like, the more pieces of your profile photo are revealed. Your match needs 50 likes in order to see your full profile photo.

Which means you'll both need to have some serious banter. I am getting tired just thinking of all of the effort. But if you really are interested in person you should be willing to put in the work right?

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